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In the current business climate, dealing with a cyberattack is not a matter of “if,” but “when.” Don't wait for a breach to happen before implementing robust cyber security measures.

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Cybersecurity for Law Firms Key Considerations - Internos

Cybersecurity for Law Firms: Key Considerations

By Jairo Avila / April 4, 2024

As a lawyer, you have an obligation to protect client data and uphold client-attorney privilege. As guardians of confidentiality and trust, attorneys bear the weighty responsibility of protecting their clients’ data from the ever-looming threat of cyberattacks by investing in cybersecurity for law firms. Cyber incidents and data breaches have become all too common, putting…

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6 Law Firms Using AI

6 Examples of Law Firms Using AI

By Jairo Avila / March 22, 2024

AI has been trending over the past year, and some law firms are using the latest in generative AI to enhance their businesses. Artificial intelligence has the potential to make life better for your law firm and society as a whole.  Whether you view AI as a threat or an opportunity, it’s here to stay.…

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8 Social Media Security Tips

8 Social Media Security Tips

By The Internos Noodler / March 20, 2024

Social media is used for anything and everything in today’s world. Whether it’s to see photos of family who live on the other side of the country or to keep health hints in mind or share the latest jokes, there’s a good reason why many people engage with it.  However, you might also be putting…

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