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Cyber Security Fraud Alert – Google My Business

By The Internos Noodler / May 18, 2023

Keeping up with the latest in cyber security fraud attempts can be a struggle for many businesses out there. You’d think an expert managed service provider like Internos would be immune to cyber attacks; think again! Recently, our company was threatened by a seemingly innocent request to access our Google My Business account. A malicious…

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Law Firm Technology: Top Tech Tools for 2023

By Beverly Holly / May 11, 2023

Many lawyers are now operating in the cloud—whether they’re working remotely part of the time or they’ve embraced an entirely virtual law firm.  Law firms have rapidly adopted more technology throughout the past year, and consumers have done the same. A 2020 Legal Trends Report found 58% of consumers said that technology is more important…

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Hurricane Disaster Recovery Process: 2023 Tips

By The Internos Noodler / May 4, 2023

After the 2022 hurricane season featured 14 massive tropical storms, including eight hurricanes, with two major hurricanes (Fiona and Ian), it’s surprising that so many businesses are still not putting enough time and resources into a solid disaster recovery process, back up methods such as cloud, or business continuity planning.  AccuWeather’s 2023 hurricane season predictions…

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cyber security management

Six Steps to Better Cyber Security Management

By Ronny Delgado / April 20, 2023

Every business needs good cyber security management and you can have it is just 6 steps: Step 1: Most Important: Stay Current Computers, operating systems, software, phone systems, etc. all have to be kept up to date. Anything else that connects to the internet must be also.  There  are apps available for free,  such as…

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Proactive IT Support (1)

Proactive IT Support For Your Business

By The Internos Noodler / April 13, 2023

Being proactive is always a good thing. When health threats were looming worldwide, you undoubtedly sought out ways to protect yourself and your family.  You should follow through now for your business and look for proactive IT support.  It’s always better to be proactive than reactive whether it’s a health issue, a financial issue or…

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Cloud Migration Services (2) (1)

Cloud Migration Strategy in 10 Steps

By The Internos Noodler / April 6, 2023

Cloud services are and have become the best choice to store your relevant data, applications and documents. You probably already know about cloud services and are using one for your personal photos and documents now. You may be considering cloud migration services for your business, too. You’ll have all your data together, easy to access…

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Insider Threat Indicators to Alert You

Insider Threat Indicators and Prevention Tips

By Ronny Delgado / March 23, 2023

Cyber threats are often assumed to come from outside  your company — even as far out as a foreign country. But many assumptions are often not true and too often the signs are ignored. These threats could come from across the room right within your own organization. Here’s more about insider threat indicators: First, realize…

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Endpoint Backups or Shared System Data Backups (2)

Which Disaster Recovery Solution Is Better: Endpoint Backup or Shared System Data Backup?

By Ronny Delgado / March 16, 2023

Despite their epic name, disaster recovery services are not the most riveting of topics. But few IT subjects can match their impact on your business continuity. There are two basic types of backup solutions: Endpoint backup and shared system data backup. Each can be implemented with local servers or cloud computing (or both). We’ll take…

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tech jargon

Demystifying Tech Jargon Terms

By The Internos Noodler / March 9, 2023

Tech jargon is akin to a revolving door: Just when you get the hang of one term, the door rotates and something new pops in that needs to be learned. Keeping up with IT jargon and terminology is a constant process. IoB? Distributed cloud? Open source? Knowing what the latest terms mean is important, especially…

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Cloud Security Trends: What They Mean for Business in 2023

By Richard Blanco / February 16, 2023

As our world becomes increasingly technologically advanced, so do cloud security trends and cloud-based computing systems. There was a point when businesses were skeptical about storing sensitive company information on something they couldn’t physically see or touch, but what about now?   The incredible expansion and widespread availability of cloud solutions have pushed virtually every modern…

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Looking For A Business VoIP Provider in Miami

Need a Business VoIP Provider? We Have You Covered.

By Jairo Avila / February 9, 2023

Managed voice isn’t yesterday’s business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) system. Gone are garbled voices, jittery lines  and dropped calls that were once associated with this service. Technological advances have made business VoIP calls a reliable, clear and cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses — so long as they are maintained and configured correctly.…

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remote work infrastructure

Where Is Remote Work Infrastructure Holding Your Business Back?

By Richard Blanco / February 4, 2023

Does your company’s remote work infrastructure and overarching strategy rely heavily on cloud computing? If so, you are not alone in your capacity planning efforts. Corporate spending on cloud computing and infrastructure for remote work increased sharply last year, even as overall IT spending dipped slightly. And that spending trend is sure to increase as…

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