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Over the past six decades, AI has experienced waves of hype and hope, driven by advancements in computing that have made the analysis of vast datasets feasible and opened doors to countless new applications.

Have you ever imagined having a lawyer powered by AI? Or envisioned AI training for lawyers?

Our AI for Lawyers Guide explains:

  • What AI is.
  • How lawyers should use AI.
  • How lawyers should NEVER use AI.

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AI for Lawyers Is Continuing to Rise

$ billion

The expected rate of spend on AI tools in 2024 globally.


The estimated number of legal roles automated by AI in 2036, according to Deloitte.

$15.7 trillion

The estimated economic impact of AI by 2030.


The percentage increase of law firms adopting AI technology in 2020, according to the Legal Technology 2020 report.

Lawyers in the Age of AI: The Benefits

  • Time-saving efficiency: AI applications drastically reduce the time spent on mundane tasks like document review, legal research and contract analysis.
  • Early and accurate risk assessment: Swift identification of relevant information allows for a comprehensive understanding of data, minimizing costs and protecting reputations.
  • Improved organizational and logical structure: Smart software enhances the overall structure, logical flow and internal organization of legal documents.
  • Enhanced creative analysis: AI's time-saving capabilities free up attorneys to focus on higher-level work, fostering creativity and unique value addition.
  • Stress reduction for attorneys: AI handles tedious tasks like document review and proofreading, reducing stress and boredom for attorneys.
  • Improved client relations: AI-driven efficiency allows attorneys more time for meaningful client interactions and strategic discussions.

Staying ahead of competing law firms is crucial to the continued success of your business. Learn more about AI and the evolving nature of legal applications in our handy guide.

AI Tools for Lawyers: What’s At Stake?

The fear of missing out on transformative AI tools can be daunting. What if the key to unlocking unprecedented efficiency accuracy, and success lies in the hands of AI, and you're left behind?

Here’s what's at stake for lawyers who overlook AI implementation:

  1. Competitive edge slipping away: Where legal excellence is defined by technological prowess, failing to embrace AI means losing your competitive edge.
  2. Inefficient workflows: Without integrating AI tools, you risk sticking to traditional, time-consuming workflows.
  3. Limited strategic insights: By neglecting AI tools, you limit your ability to harness comprehensive data for strategic planning and creative legal solutions.
  4. Client satisfaction hanging in the balance: Clients demand efficiency, accuracy and transparency. Without AI, meeting these expectations becomes challenging.
  5. Professional development hindered: Failure to grasp AI tools means hindering your own growth, and missing out on opportunities for advancement and specialization.

Our AI for Lawyers Guide is your roadmap to understanding and integrating AI tools seamlessly into your legal practice. Equip yourself with the knowledge needed to stay competitive, efficient and client-focused.

Downloading this free AI for Lawyers Guide can help you ensure efficiency, accuracy and success. In a few short minutes, you’ll find out if your firm is aware of the latest in AI tools for lawyers. Combine this resource with your internal IT team or managed service provider to direct your AI implementation efforts.

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