How to Choose IT Support for Your Business: Use Our

Are you frustrated with your IT provider? Don’t know where to start to find a new one? Whether you’ve never used an IT provider or your current one isn’t doing a satisfactory job for you, our Managed Service Provider Checklist is a valuable asset in your search.

The checklist will help you gather the information an MSP will need before they can quote you a price for their service.

The size of your company (in terms of computers and devices users)

Your potential compliance needs

How you back up your data and your disaster recovery plan

 Your current cyber security tools and practices

What you expect from your MSP

“Wow...I had no idea all these things factor into what I need to protect my business from a data breach. This was so easy to have everything spelled out for me so I can take it to companies that offer the support I need.”
— Sam Amato

The Managed IT Checklist Includes

Your Goals

The right IT provider can help you set goals for the growth of your company whether it’s one year or five years out.

Your Stats

The stats that managed IT services providers will need to know are: numbers of employees, computers, other IT devices.

Your Risks

How effective is your current cyber security? Are you fully compliant? How up-to-date is your backup and a disaster recovery plan?

Your Expectations

Can you or your IT team respond quickly enough to a breach or threat to minimize downtime?

For each area, you'll get the details you'll need to have in hand when you talk to potential IT providers.

Think ahead and be prepared. When you download this checklist you will feel more secure and more prepared in your search for an MSP. You will know what questions to ask to help you compare IT providers. It’s a simple, easy-to-follow checklist, so why not download it now?

Choose IT Support: Get The Checklist

This free, one-page checklist can help you find the right MSP for your business. Download it now.