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It's not you ... it really is getting harder and harder to protect yourself and your business from cyber attacks. That's because cyber criminals have plenty of tools to do damage and the know how to hit your business and its weakest points: Your people. Of course, they're your greatest assets. But they are also the weak spot in any cyber security protocol. People are wired to react, to take action, to click, to call, to download ... and any one of those things can breach your network without you even knowing it. So how do you fight back? With training.

Our simple cheat sheet shows your team at-a-glance the DO's, DON'Ts and NEVERs of phishing prevention. Download it, post it, share it and, above all, talk about it!

Make it harder for phishers to trick you

How to beware before you share

5 things you can DO to reduce your risk

4 DON'Ts to avoid being hooked

4 things you should NEVER do

“This cheat sheet has been so helpful in keeping our team on the same page. We trained around it, posted it in the lunch room, even encouraged our staff to take it home to discuss with their families.”
— Stacy Myers

The Rise of Phishing & Cyber Attacks


U.S. organizations who have experienced a successful phishing attack.


Security incidents that involve phishing.


Malware (including ransomware) that is delivered through phishing.


Phishing sites registered by Google as of Jan 17, 2021.

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Phishing attacks create a sense of urgency to trick you into acting before you get suspiscious. The guide can teach you easy DO's, DON'Ts and NEVERs to help you avoid taking the bait. Training is key to cyber attack prevention. That's why this guide is designed to be used again and again to remind yourself, and your team, how to protect themselves and your business.

Phishing Prevention: Get The Cheat Sheet

This free, one-page cheat sheet can help you avoid being hooked by a phishing attack. Download it now.