Certified Ethical Hacking in Doral

 Get a true sense of your company’s vulnerabilities with certified ethical hacking in Doral.

What Is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is designed to give a company the most realistic look at its vulnerabilities without actually being hacked by a cyber criminal. It is an authorized attempt to gain unauthorized entry to a computer system, application or data. The process involves mimicking strategies and actions of a malicious hacker to help identify cyber security vulnerabilities.

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What Does a Certified Ethical Hacker Do?

An ethical hacker is a certified cyber security professional and expert who takes a proactive step in protecting your company. Ethical hackers follow a set of protocols that include:

  • Obtaining proper legal approval before performing the security assessment.
  • Defining the scope of the assessment to remain legal and within the company’s approved boundaries.
  • Reporting all discovered vulnerabilities back to the organization and providing solutions to resolve them.
  • Respecting data sensitivity which may sometimes include signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in addition to other terms and agreements laid out by the organization.

How Many Can You Check Off?

See where your business stands with the 18 critical controls created by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

Choose Internos for Certified Ethical Hacking in Doral

Don’t lose sleep over potential cyber threats and attacks. Take proactive action to ensure your line of defense is strong and reliable. Internos Group Miami provides certified ethical hacking as a service. We’ll locate the vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity systems and firewalls and help you resolve any issues so you can get back to business. Curious what kinds of vulnerabilities are commonly discovered by ethical hackers? Some include:

  • Broken authentication.
  • Security misconfigurations.
  • Use of tools and applications that have known vulnerabilities.
  • Sensitive data exposure.