Managed IT Support in Doral

Are your IT projects outgrowing your internal IT team? It might be time to consider co-managed IT in Doral.

What Are Co-Managed IT Services?

Co-managed IT services (or hybrid IT services) involve using a managed service provider (MSP), to supplement your in-house IT staff. Larger businesses that can maintain an internal IT team often find that co-managed services are the best of both worlds: You decide what tasks to keep in-house and how to best leverage the MSP resources.

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Custom Co-Managed IT in Doral

At Internos we know IT needs differ from business to business. That’s why our co-managed IT services are flexible and can be molded around your specific needs.

Here are a few examples of how custom co-managed IT services can work:

  • Your in-house IT team runs your help desk and handles day-to-day maintenance, but leans on the expertise of your MSP for cyber security, as well as general advice and assistance.
  • Your MSP acts as your CIO (sometimes called virtual chief information security officer or VCISO services). Your in-house team executes plans and manages your systems.
  • Your in-house IT lead handles the strategy but directs an outsourced managed IT team to execute plans and support the larger team.