Wireless Network Support in Doral

Get better connected with wireless network support in Doral.

We’re There When Things Go Wrong

While it’s normal for wireless networks to experience connectivity problems, your business shouldn’t have to suffer because of it. When your network loses connection, your business faces downtime, employees can’t communicate, and you’re risking loss of revenue.
At Internos, we’re here to get you back online so you aren’t risking downtime. We’ll be your trusted local provider for wireless network support in Doral. With our services you can access your network smoothly with no issues.

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What Kind of Wireless Network is Right for Your Business?

Wireless networks come in different shapes and sizes with different standards. The kinds of wireless networks are

  • Wireless local area networks (WLAN): These networks use radio waves versus Bluetooth. Their range can be limited to a single room or building or extended throughout a campus. They’re great for connecting to local resources and the internet and they typically have one cable that is used for internet access. 
  • Wireless personal area networks (WPAN): These short-range networks do use Bluetooth technology. They typically extend over small distances typically within a person’s reach and sometimes up to 30 feet. Because they use Bluetooth they can connect any other devices that use Bluetooth technology that are within range like a headset or laptop.
  • Wireless metropolitan area networks (WMAN): WMANs connect multiple WLANs in a larger metropolitan area. They have different standards available that use different frequencies.
  • Wireless wide area networks (WWAN): These networks provide a wide range of coverage via satellites, mobile phone signals or antenna sites. They can be maintained over cities or countries.