Hosted Desktop in Coral Gables

Simplify remote work and assist remote employees with a hosted desktop in Coral Gables.

What Is a Hosted Desktop?

A hosted desktop takes cloud computing one step further by putting your entire computer in the cloud in addition to your data. With your own keyboard, monitor and mouse, you can log in to and use your cloud PC. 

When purchasing a new computer you must consider what kind of software, apps, storage, etc. you need. By contrast, with a hosted desktop, there’s less emphasis on the hardware itself: You choose a desktop-as-a-service plan that meets your needs and then log in to your virtual desktop from any computer with good, maintainable internet access. 

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Hosted Desktop in Coral Gables for Small Businesses

Hosted desktops used to be better suited and more cost effective for large companies that had the ability and technical knowledge  to build out the infrastructure. Windows 365 made it so small businesses can tap the benefits of a virtual desktop as well. With 365, small businesses can choose from a plan with a flat monthly fee and can be up and running with their new virtual desktop within 15 minutes. 

Reap the Benefits of a Hosted Desktop

There are several benefits to Windows 365 Cloud PC compared to buying a physical computer including: 

  • No waiting. There’s no long shipping timeline or set-up period. Be up and running within 15 minutes. 
  • No big expenditures. When you purchase Windows 365, you aren’t purchasing a new physical computer,  just a license that you aren’t tied down to for more than 30 days.
  • Extended life for your current computers. Your computer doesn’t have to have special components or hardware, just the ability to connect to the internet, so your organization’s computers gain added lifespan when operating as part of a hosted desktop plan.
  • Increased scalability and flexibility. When your company experiences a high turnover or growth, you are able to scale your hosted desktop needs to your growing business. 
  • Securely enabled remote network. Permanent and temporary employees can securely access your virtual business network from their own home computers or office desktops.