Microsoft Adoption Score: What You Need to Know

Microsoft Adoption Score What You Need to Know

Technology is essential for improving and tracking productivity in any industry. In today’s remote and hybrid workplaces, it’s important to examine the work product and value an employee brings, as well as what might be preventing them from doing their best work. That’s where Microsoft Adoption Score comes in.

Solving Productivity Concerns Is Easier Than You Think

Even the most hard-working employees can slow down if they’re not familiar with the technology available to them on a day-to-day basis. Oftentimes, coworkers are used to following a daily routine, doing things the way they’ve always been done, without realizing there’s a faster, better solution.

By the same token, workplace productivity can be a sensitive topic among coworkers. If you’re examining the wrong things or using the wrong data collection methods, they can get in the way of empowering your team. In today’s ever-evolving workplace, productivity can’t simply be measured just by how many hours each employee clocks in.

If your business uses Microsoft 365, then you already have a powerful tool at your disposal to discover opportunities and track productivity: Microsoft Adoption Score (formerly known as Productivity Score). 

Curious about its potential? Read on to learn about its powerful insights and how you can use the Adoption Score to increase employee satisfaction, efficiency and productivity. 

How Does Microsoft Adoption Score Work?

Microsoft Adoption Score looks at core components of your coworkers’ workflow and bundles the relevant data. Employees won’t feel personally spied on, since it examines the team as a whole.

The tool gives you valuable insights you can share with your coworkers, which in turn assists in boosting their performance. Additionally, it includes hardware-related information you can use to evaluate if your company’s tools are at fault, holding people back.

MS Adoption Score gives you the opportunity to get recommended actions and in-depth insights at a glance. It looks at separate areas in your company to help you enhance and identify experiences, so your organization can reach its goals.

Microsoft Adoption Score Insights Explained

People Experiences

The People Experiences area assesses how people in your company get work done. For example, you could find that by working with online, cloud-based MS365 files, coworkers can save an average of 100 minutes per week

For context, that’s roughly 86.6 hours per year, or more than two full work weeks saved.

People Experiences breaks the information down into five distinct categories:

  • Mobility
  • Meetings
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Content collaboration

Technology Experiences

Achieving  digital transformation and great people experiences require accessible and secure technology. This particular Adoption Score area looks at the technology that your team works with and then notifies you of any potential risk areas. 

From there, you can optimize the device experience and network connectivity to ensure optimal apps. 

Technology Experiences features three categories:

  • Endpoint analytics (requires Intune or Configuration Manager)
  • Microsoft 365 apps health
  • Network connectivity

Special Reports

In addition to the first two insight categories, Microsoft Adoption Score also offers a “special reports” area that showcases details on business continuity. These relevant insights can help you navigate workplace changes and measure the impact of those changes. When there’s a transition at work, like switching from an in-person office to a hybrid office model, the special report tells you how the change affected your team’s productivity, for better or worse.

How Adoption Score Helps Your Business Succeed

The bottom line is Microsoft Adoption Score increases your visibility into your business’s digital transformation journey. With these helpful, actionable insights, you’re able to select and improve experiences that not only enable everyone to do their best work but also help your company reach its goals.

Here are the offerings Microsoft Adoption Score provides:

Automatic Metrics Tracking

Adoption Score monitors your team’s use of Microsoft 365 applications automatically, giving you helpful information on exactly how staff members use their digital tools. These valuable metrics help you see whether employees are using best practices for workplace productivity. If they’re not, the situation can be remedied by showing them a more efficient way.

Insights to Understand the Data

As the heading implies, this tool provides you with helpful insights to better understand data. Outside of simply getting metrics, you also get the big picture surrounding the metrics. 

Once you’ve educated yourself, you can then train your coworkers on the things that save time and improve workflow.

We can all agree that quick responses save time. Using @mentions in Microsoft Teams can help achieve time-saving initiatives by getting someone’s attention in a channel conversation or chat. 

Adoption Score will let you know how many people use @mentions in Teams communications and how much it increases the response rate.  

Recommended Actions to Take

Data insights by themselves won’t help you much at all if you don’t know what to do with the data. Adoption Score will give you actionable recommendations to improve particular metrics, helping to boost productivity. The combination of insights, metrics and recommendations makes this a truly comprehensive tool.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Whether you have in-office, hybrid or completely remote workers, Microsoft Adoption Score is a great asset for navigating contemporary business challenges. At the same time, introducing unfamiliar tools to your coworkers can present its own challenges. 

Rest assured that your chosen technology supports, rather than hinders, coworkers’ successes by partnering with the right IT service provider.  If you’re interested in learning more about our  Microsoft services or want to learn more about workplace productivity solutions, feel free to contact us or book a no-obligation consultation with us.

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