Cloud Computing

Work from anywhere, reduce infrastructure costs, nurture collaboration and decrease downtime. It’s all possible with cloud computing services and platforms. With cloud computing, all the critical tools and applications you and your company use every day can be found and easily accessed in one place. Learn why so many take advantage of the cloud.

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Cloud Security Is NOT “Built In” to Cloud Services

September 23, 2021

Whether you’ve made the move to the cloud for your business or just considering it, there is one thing you need to know: Not all cloud services have built-in cloud security or cloud backups. Some do, some don’t. For your cloud safety, you not only need to make sure your cloud data is backed up,…

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Should You Be Moving to Microsoft Teams?

July 8, 2021

You’ve heard about Microsoft Teams but you’re not sure it’s right for your company. Maybe you don’t know enough about it or maybe moving to something new is a bit scary. As a managed service provider, we hear this a lot. So here are some insights to help you decide if moving to Microsoft Teams…

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Microsoft Cloud’s New Industry-Based Cloud Options

May 20, 2021

The importance of cloud services is undeniable. But businesses no longer have to choose the one-size-fits-all cloud. Microsoft Cloud has recently introduced five industry-based clouds to better streamline data, enable cyber security and create backup and compliance solutions that fit your industry. Whether your business is in the healthcare, retail, manufacturing, financial or nonprofit industries,…

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Cloud Computing Advantages for Business: A Complete Guide

March 4, 2021

Wondering how some businesses survived despite the limitations of COVID-19? The answer is in cloud computing, which made the transition to a remote workforce much easier. Cloud computing advantages for business are so compelling that most small and medium businesses will continue on the cloud even if their entire workforce returns to the office. Here…

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