Cloud Computing

Work from anywhere, reduce infrastructure costs, nurture collaboration and decrease downtime. It’s all possible with cloud computing services and platforms. With cloud computing, all the critical tools and applications you and your company use every day can be found and easily accessed in one place. Learn why so many take advantage of the cloud.

Azure Active Directory Reviews (AD Access Review)

Why You Need Azure Active Directory Reviews

November 3, 2022

Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management solution, Azure Active Directory, provides a secure way to control user accounts, passwords, device authentication and more. But just like any technology, there are risks if you’re not vigilant about who has access. That’s why Azure Active Directory reviews are essential for cyber security. Safeguard your company’s data with…

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Azure vs AWS - Business Cloud Architecture

Azure vs AWS: Do You Know Which Is Right for Your Business?

October 13, 2022

Azure vs AWS. Which one of these cloud architectures are right for your particular business? They’re not new. They’ve been around for a while: Azure since 2010 and AWS since 2006. Azure was developed by Microsoft; AWS by Amazon. This article will describe both pros and cons so you can decide which  cloud service is…

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Microsoft 365 Shared Responsibility & Cloud Security

Microsoft 365 Shared Responsibility: How to Secure Cloud Data

September 13, 2022

You know about Microsoft 365, but do you know that it does not secure your data? The shared responsibility model of cloud services means that you are responsible for protecting your data. Learn about Microsoft 365 shared responsibility and get a free checklist to help you protect your cloud data. Cloud services like Microsoft 365…

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SharePoint for business

Microsoft SharePoint for Business

July 21, 2022

As more and more businesses are transitioning to a hybrid model workplace, the demand for simple collaboration increases. Using Microsoft SharePoint for business is an opportune way to migrate your workspace to a collaboration-friendly platform.  What Exactly Is SharePoint? SharePoint is a secure, online, centralized, cloud-based collaborative site for employees to access. With team calendars,…

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Cloud Solutions For Small Business

Maximize Cloud Solutions for Small Businesses

April 21, 2022

In order to maximize cloud solutions for small businesses, first you need to have a strategy. The right managed service providers can help you both create and implement that cloud migration strategy as well as provide ongoing maintenance. During the last few years, the “cloud”  has become the foundation that allows businesses to transform, differentiate…

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Microsoft 365 Pricing image

Microsoft 365 Pricing Increase Is Here

March 3, 2022

There has been a lot of notification about this increase, as far back as August of 2021, and it is finally here. As of March 1, Microsoft 365 pricing has gone up. As a managed service provider, we know this change will affect many companies in our Miami area and beyond.  It is not an…

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Office 365 for Legal Firms image

Using Office 365 for Legal Firms Will Transform Collaboration

December 9, 2021

Collaboration is at the core of legal professions. Whether it’s communicating with clients, coworkers or other professionals, your method of communication must be stable and compliant in order for you to be successful. Does your team waste too much time rifling through junk emails and searching for relevant information? Are your applications compatible with your…

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business cloud services image

Business Cloud Services: Public vs Private

November 18, 2021

We’re often asked the question of which is best for business cloud services: public, private or hybrid. And our answer is always: it depends on your needs and on your budget. First, though, it’s essential to define the cloud itself and its options. Over the next few years, if not sooner, your company will probably…

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cloud security image

Cloud Security Is NOT “Built In” to Cloud Services

September 23, 2021

Whether you’ve made the move to the cloud for your business or just considering it, there is one thing you need to know: Not all cloud services have built-in cloud security or cloud backups. Some do, some don’t. For your cloud safety, you not only need to make sure your cloud data is backed up,…

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Moving to Microsoft Teams image

Should You Be Moving to Microsoft Teams?

July 8, 2021

You’ve heard about Microsoft Teams but you’re not sure it’s right for your company. Maybe you don’t know enough about it or maybe moving to something new is a bit scary. As a managed service provider, we hear this a lot. So here are some insights to help you decide if moving to Microsoft Teams…

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