Microsoft SharePoint for Business

SharePoint for business

As more and more businesses are transitioning to a hybrid model workplace, the demand for simple collaboration increases. Using Microsoft SharePoint for business is an opportune way to migrate your workspace to a collaboration-friendly platform. 

What Exactly Is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a secure, online, centralized, cloud-based collaborative site for employees to access. With team calendars, the ability for multiple team members to work on a file at the same time, direct access to Microsoft Teams and more, collaboration is made easy. 

Because all of your data is already integrated into one central repository within your Microsoft Office 365 subscription, you don’t have to worry about all the connecting factors.

Benefits of SharePoint for Business

One of the major benefits of SharePoint for business collaboration is everything is internal, in one central place. As soon as you sign in to Microsoft 365, you have access to everything in  all of your apps, making collaboration monumental and leaving you with fewer vulnerabilities. With access controls, HR teams are able to screen access to sensitive files without having to leave SharePoint. 

Microsoft Power Automate is a valuable capability of SharePoint. When a “list item” is created like a document, file or task, a customizable approval process is automatically created for it. 

How Does the Integration Process Work?

When you meet with a Microsoft SharePoint expert, they will assess your workspace needs. They’ll discuss what your vision is for your business, what you’re trying to accomplish and also any current tedious tasks that would benefit from automation. The SharePoint expert will use this information to build a customized platform that works for your business and its processes. 

Not only is the platform itself customizable but so are the packages. The Business Basic package gives you the list/task capability along with other pertinent features for just $15 a month per person. The next levels add more applications and tools. All packages are a great return on investment and you won’t have to worry about going back and forth between other external data analytics applications.

Questions on SharePoint for Business? If you’re wondering how SharePoint could help you move forward and make work more seamless, let’s talk. You can schedule a no-obligation call with us now.

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