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We offer personalized IT service because one-size-fits-all doesn’t cut it for small business IT support.

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A true IT service partner can ease your load and guide you toward success.

Does Feel Like a Necessary Evil?

You need technology to achieve your goals, but you can’t afford an IT department. When there are tech problems and your current IT service provider doesn't get back to you. You’re paying for IT support but not feeling very encouraged. Tech could expand your business forward, but you don’t even know where to begin.

Internos is a true partner that Takes care of your business:
  • 10+ years average client longevity
  • Locally owned and partner managed
  • Two decades of experience with small to mid-sized businesses

What Is DIY Tech Support Costing You?

Are you counting on a family friend for tech support or fighting fires yourself? How much time and energy is wasted on IT? When you’re taken away from expanding your business or leading your people, you put your business in danger. The right small business IT support provider is significant. Internos offers:

  • Virtual CIO services.
  • Best in class cybersecurity protection.
  • Computer and network management.

Use our Managed Service Provider Checklist to Find the Right

Our easy-to-follow checklist can guide you through the process of the best IT services provider for your business.

Are you a first-timer to IT support? Maybe you aren’t happy with your current MSP? This checklist will help you outline and define:

  • Your business goals for the next few years.
  • The stats that potential MSPs will need to work out a plan for your company.
  • The risk areas in your backup and cyber security practice.s
  • What you expect from your IT provider.
  • And more!

We Mind Your Business

As the leader of a small to mid-sized business, your center of attention has to be on meeting goals and strategic growth. Rely on us to get you there with enhanced workflows, minimize expenditures and create a solid return on your IT investment. Choose Internos as a strategic partner in your growth.

Learn how Internos Group North Miami helped this small business improve their cyber security and expand and while saving money and not having to think twice about their IT infrastructure and compliance.

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