Case Study: MaxiForce

Manufacturing Secures Existing Infrastructure


When Internos was first contacted by the engine parts company, MaxiForce, they had been working with an application partner for about 10 years, MS Cloud Express. Although they were satisfied with the level of service, a void existed between the communication with their IT partner and their application partner. MaxiForce has four different locations in the states, about 70 employees and 35 workstations. Compared with others, the company was actually more advanced in some areas of manufacturing IT. They were already 98 percent in the cloud and just needed to fill some IT gaps.

Internos' intent wasn't to jeopardize the good relationship MaxiForce had with its current IT developer; however, we did want to shed light on areas of improvement. Instead, we joined forces to find solutions that gave MaxiForce the best manufacturing IT support outcomes.

“Clients really benefit when providers, MSPs, (managed service providers) and developers work together with no one finger-pointing. That’s what we did in this situation and would do in every situation,” said Jairo Avila, Internos sales and client management/partner. “We aren't interested in attaching blame. We like to work together to find the root cause of things that aren't working well for a client. It’s the best way to help the client be better in the production of its product.”

MaxiForce manufactures and distributes diesel engine parts for John Deere®, Cummins®, Perkins® and more. Their range of engine replacement parts includes the most complete Overhaul (Out of Frame) and In- Frame Kits on the market. They also offer a wide range of individual parts and components.


Internos worked to add to and enhance MaxiForce’s IT infrastructure, keeping what worked well and layering on additional services to help them manage manufacturing IT support costs effectively. The first need was to set up a dependable support plan that provided MaxiForce with rectifiable solutions to their existing challenges. The second was to provide infrastructure support and strategic planning that is aligned to their business road map.

“At Internos, we always provide clients with easy ways to contact us and back up those opportunities by always being there for them,” said Avila. “We evaluate exactly what their need is— infrastructure, applications, backup—then we apply our expertise to resolve those issues and help move them forward in their business goals.”

MaxiForce already had a great warehouse management system. Internos needed to determine whether they had an internet problem, an infrastructure problem or something else. With this issue identified, the MaxiForce team could focus on packaging and getting their product out.

Internos helped MaxiForce become more efficient in their business process by working alongside MS Cloud Express, which established peer relations and allowed the Internos team to effectively troubleshoot what was not working well. Once that happened, they worked together to prioritize the traffic and focus on MaxiForce’s physical IT network and infrastructure.

“It’s always great when the client’s contact person we work with is open to our suggestions and helps us know the culture of the company as well as the product itself,” said Avila. “In this case, we had a great contact person even though he was not an IT person.”

“I can rest assured that if there is any issue, [Internos] will respond and resolve the issue in a quick and efficient manner. There is nothing better than to have [that] confidence and security... I would and will recommend Internos to any company that's looking for a great team for IT support.”
— Robert Amat, MaxiForce


Working with the Internos team enabled MaxiForce to grow without having to worry about their IT. It gave them better cost savings, increased cyber security and enabled them to identify the help needed and reduce their Microsoft Azure costs. Internos also helped them review and improve their backup and restore plan to the same levels used by Microsoft solutions in the cloud.

Growth is now able to occur in multiple directions. Rather than focusing on the tunnel-vision, Internos worked with MaxiForce’s providers and vendors to come up with long-term solutions by asking the right questions and proposing solutions. That's what manufacturing IT support is all about.

“Internos is proactive in assessing situations and offering solutions to possible problems before they happen,” said Avila. “And, we respond to all tickets and problems no matter how small.

Today, Internos continues to support four MaxiForce sites as well as supporting their cloud servers in the Azure infrastructure.

Internos Group Miami IT favicon

Growth is now able to occur in multiple directions. Rather than focusing on the tunnel-vision, Internos worked with MaxiForce’s providers and vendors to come up with long-term solutions by asking the right questions and proposing solutions. That is what manufacturing IT support is all about.

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