Endpoint Management in Miami

Be a step ahead in cyber security with endpoint management in Miami.

Stay In Control with EndPoint Management in Miami

Endpoint management allows you to control user and device access to your business portals at every endpoint. By evaluating and assigning access rights to devices and users of your choosing, you are eliminating some of the risk of a cyberattack. Endpoint management does the following:

  • Ensures only verified and approved devices can connect to your network
  • Deploys cyber security tools and enforces cyber security policies for approved devices
  • Establishes a central dashboard for IT managers to oversee device usage and manage activity

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What Is An Endpoint?

An endpoint is the device or point of access to a network like a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, POS system, digital printer, etc. All endpoints should be screened, authenticated and monitored via an endpoint management tool, especially personal devices employees use if they work remotely. These may be at greater risk of cyber threats compared to devices issued by your company.

Choose Internos for Endpoint Management and Security

Endpoint security or protection is the cyber security approach to defending and protecting endpoints from internal and external threats. While endpoint management controls who and what devices have access to the network, endpoint security monitors network activity for possible indicators of compromise. Additionally, endpoint management ensures that endpoint security protocols are consistently carried out and enforced across all devices. At Internos we are well-versed in cyber security and endpoint management. The safety of your data and assets is our number one priority. With Internos you get:

  • Round-the-clock vigilant network monitoring.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and data encryption.
  • Managed firewalls with intrusion prevention system (IPS).