Microsoft Cloud’s New Industry-Based Cloud Options

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The importance of cloud services is undeniable. But businesses no longer have to choose the one-size-fits-all cloud. Microsoft Cloud has recently introduced five industry-based clouds to better streamline data, enable cyber security and create backup and compliance solutions that fit your industry.

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Whether your business is in the healthcare, retail, manufacturing, financial or nonprofit industries, there is a cloud for you. Here’s a nutshell description of each:

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare: This first industry-based cloud is quickly gaining acceptance and accolades. It has enhanced patient portals, intelligent patient outreach, connected physicians and referral management, and continuous patient monitoring through IoT.

According to Microsoft, it extends the value of existing Microsoft cloud services and Teams virtual visits, making it faster and easier for care teams to collaborate, communicate, coordinate care and generate insights that help improve patient outcomes and workflow effectiveness. New integration between Microsoft Teams and Power Apps enables them to share timely information.

Microsoft Cloud for Retail: More and more retailers are introducing the “buy online, pickup in store” option for customers to combat the “buy online,” shipping competition. The new cloud offers the ability to build targeted, relevant customers while expanding fulfillment options, simplifying payment processes and offering the benefit of fraud protection.

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing: The workforce for any company is no longer occupied in a specific place. Because of COVID-19, there has been a significant increase in the remote workforce even in the manufacturing industry. The MS Cloud for this industry enables manufacturers to secure remote work as well as give remote workers a margin of safety allowing the opportunity to build more flexible factories and create more adaptable supply chains. It also enables always-on service.  

The intent of Microsoft is “to bring together new and existing capabilities as well as partner solutions which can connect people, assets, workflows and business processes, helping organizations become more resilient.” The manufacturing-specific cloud will preview June 2021. 

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services: This is a  modernization of core banking services to include deep analytics and create a faster path to customers. It will continue to maintain the strictest compliance requirements.

Banks and other financial institutions will be able to have a complete view of each customer including an embedded digital collaboration into their workflow processes. It provides real-time status visibility and enhances insights to help reduce fraud. With its scalable and hybrid deployment options, financial institutions will be able to modernize their systems.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit: Yes, even nonprofits will benefit from a cloud service devoted to their particular needs. It will help them connect staff with volunteers and allow all to focus on their particular mission. With it, Microsoft’s trusted cloud capabilities will be able to connect program design, delivery, volunteer management and fundraising plans and outlines. Launching is scheduled for June 2021.

At Internos, we help our clients figure out which, if any, cloud is the best one for their needs. So, contact us or book a meeting if you’re wondering if these new clouds would be beneficial to your company. We would be happy to help you understand it all and make an informed decision.

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Cloud Backups: Don’t Assume They’re Just Happening

What many people don’t realize about the cloud is that backups don’t necessarily come with your cloud solution. It is important to understand the terms of your cloud services agreement. You may need to  purchase a separate backup solution also, either from the cloud provider or a third party service like Backupify.

Many businesses learned this the hard way recently when a mysterious “bug” appeared in their cloud services, including Microsoft 365, MS Teams, Xbox Live, Exchange Online, and SharePoint. Folders were left intact, but the contents were empty and sometimes found later in trash. The cause seems to have been a malfunction with how cloud systems recognized user logins.For some users, signing out and in again fixed the issue. Others needed to restore files from a backup system.

Whether it is from software glitches, hardware failures or cyber threats, don’t leave your cloud data exposed without backup systems in place. And make sure your cloud is configured correctly for cyber security.

Internos Group Miami can help with this and all your IT and cybersecurity needs. Contact us or book a meeting to learn more.

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