Law Firm IT Support: Are You Leveraging These Top Technology Tools?

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Now more than ever before, law firms need to raise the bar on their IT technology.  Here is a list of technology tools you should consider leveraging for your law practice. At the top of that list is cloud computing and security. Talk to your law firm IT support provider about the right tools for your practice.

Cloud Services for Law Firms

All law firms create contracts and manage clients. Once upon a time that was done in physical offices, but COVID changed those norms. Now the work often has to be done on the go. Is your firm’s technology ready to scale and keep you connected from anywhere? Cloud services implemented correctly can help you securely manage your data from anywhere.

Collaboration Tools for Law Firms

With more and more meetings happening virtually, it is important to have strong collaboration tools, both for your internal team to work together and to get feedback from clients. A comprehensive platform, such as Microsoft 365, is the best approach–both for collaboration and data security. Microsoft Teams alone can significantly boost collaboration. Layer on video conferencing software to make “face to face” collaboration more efficient and enjoyable when it’s not possible to be in the same location.

More Technology Ideas for Law Firms

Here are some other technology tools to discuss with your law firm IT support provider:

  • VoIP phone system including a virtual receptionist
  • Scanners to digitize documents
  • Time tracking and billing solutions
  • eDiscovery tools
  • Legal search tools
  • eSignature tools
  • Mobile apps specifically for legal firms

Cyber Security For Law Firms

If cyber security isn’t top of mind, be prepared for some tough questions from potential clients. According to the ABA 2020 Legal Trends report, “Cloud cybersecurity must be at the top of the list of questions for clients to ask their law firms. The current state of cloud security among law firms is a train wreck waiting to happen.”

As you layer on each piece of technology, you need to ensure that they work well together and data security is maintained. The right MSP can make it all easy.  Make sure to choose one with expertise in the legal industry. Contact us or book a meeting to learn more.

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