How to Hire the Best Small Business IT Support in Miami: 10 Questions to Ask

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Despite the fact that you might be a small company, you need the biggest and the best managed service provider (MSP) in Miami. You’re the best in your field and your clients expect the best from you. You need the best small business IT support to deliver that.

But not all IT support providers are the same. From the lone contractor working out of his garage to national chains you may never see, there are a lot of companies promising you the best in managed IT services. Here are 10 questions to help you compare;

  1. Is your MSP providing 24/7/365 monitoring or support? Is it for all issues or only urgent ones? Who decides what is urgent?
  2. How quickly can you expect a response (“we got your message”), activity (“we’re working on it now”) or a resolution (“it’s fixed!”)? 
  3. What is your average customer satisfaction rating (CSAT)? Over what time period is that measurement? Can you provide references to verify that score?
  4. Do you understand the unique needs of my business, industry, environment or requirements?  Can you provide references from current clients in a similar space?
  5. Do you have a local office or just a local address to attract businesses in your area? Can you jump in a car and be on my premises if needed? Within an hour? Do you plan regular on site visits to review equipment or train staff?
  6. Do you require a long term contract? What is the shortest term you offer? What happens if I want to end early because I’m not happy? 

Once you get those answers you have narrowed your search and can get into the specific IT requirements.

  1. What are your cyber security protocols? What is your Multi Factor Authentication solution? Firewall solution? Do you provide centrally managed endpoint security? How often do you perform email phish testing? Provide cyber security awareness training? How often do you reassess my businesses’ cyber security risks?
  2. Do you provide or manage my cloud computing? Can you help me migrate from an in house server or hosted platform? What cloud solution do you prefer? Do you recommend public or private cloud? What are the pros and cons of each?
  3. Do you provide IT asset management, with a yearly budget so I can better predict expenditures? Can I order my hardware needs from you? Is this required or optional? Is that a pass-through cost or is there a markup?
  4. What are your data backup and recovery recommendations for RTO? RPO? What if I have different objectives? How would you accomplish my objectives (providing actual use cases for businesses like mine)? 

>>You don’t have to remember these questions! Just download our free checklist.

Obviously, we think Internos Group is the best MSP (managed service provider) in the Miami area for your business. But you don’t have to rely on our word. Have us answer these questions then contact others. By the time you’re done, you’ll know you’ve made the best choice for the continued success and growth of your business.

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Jairo Avila

Jairo is the CSO of Internos Group and a partner. As senior client manager, Jairo connects our clients’ needs to our IT services so that it all flows together. With more than 23 years of experience in the IT industry, Jairo plays an essential role helping our clients develop a technology strategy and working with the Internos team to make sure everyone can breathe a little easier.

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