Ronny Delgado, Integrator/Partner

Meet Ronny

Every company has its own types of recognizable folks. You’ve got the people who always have their noses to the grindstone, coming in early and staying late. There’s someone who can always take the edge off with a well-timed joke. And there’s the pleasant coworker who brings in surprise donuts for everyone. At Internos, our founding partner Ronny Delgado is the family man. He’s the guy who takes care of everyone around him first, no matter what his needs are, both at the office and at home. 

When you ask Ronny about what he enjoys most about working at Internos, it should come as no surprise that his response is about the people here. He’s dedicated to the development of our company and passionate about making sure that we all succeed.

Ronny co-founded Internos in 2013, after co-owning ReadyIT alongside Jairo Avila for 12 years. Prior to ReadyIT, he worked as a sales and lead support engineer for an IT company in Miami, and at Corporate America at their helpdesk department. Co-founding Internos here in Miami may have always been in the cards. He was born and raised here in Florida, after his family emigrated from Cuba in 1969. He attended high school with a special focus on engineering, which paved the way smoothly to an information technology degree. 

When he’s not taking care of the business, Ronny’s taking care of his wife and three sons in Pembroke Pines. He shares a love of baseball with his children, having been introduced to the sport when was 6 years old and becoming passionate about playing. Baseball is his happy place, so when an opportunity arose to volunteer as a coach for his youngest son’s recreational league, he took a swing and knocked it out of the park. He’s been coaching for the past three years and manages his son’s travel team. Ronny also serves on the board of his local baseball park, where he volunteers his time to ensure their technology and software are all batting a thousand. 

When you first meet Ronny, he might seem quiet and introverted. But after you spend just a little bit of time with him, he’ll open up and you’ll feel like you’ve been old friends. He may even crack a dad joke just to put a smile on your face.

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