Nelson Bosque, Service Manager

Meet Nelson

The IT world can be full of discoveries, upgrades and changing variables. Every time we find a solution, we find ways to optimize it, re-tool it and upgrade it. Chasing the nuances of technology and figuring out how to adapt it for people’s needs can be really exciting, so long as you’ve got someone on your team who can hold down the fort and make sure no one gets left behind in the process. That’s the role Nelson Bosque plays at Internos. He takes care of our clients when they need help the most. 

As service manager, Nelson ensures that our technology is working for everybody. He’s the essential go-between for our clients and our technical staff, making sure that every single support ticket has a timely response and a game plan for resolution. Just think of him as your IT bodyguard. Nelson doesn’t believe in quick fixes: He narrows his focus on getting to the root of every issue to offset troubles before they even have a chance to take place. He operates by a pretty simple and straightforward philosophy: Take care of the issue, and everybody wins. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that Nelson aspired to be a police officer while he was growing up in Key West, wanting to serve and protect his community. When he became an adult, he pivoted away from law enforcement toward the IT industry. Both career paths allowed him to take care of important matters on behalf of people. He’s been serving our clients at Internos for 11 years. Prior to joining our team, he worked in customer service in the banking industry, in shipping/warehouse management and in IT management while obtaining several Microsoft certifications. 

Nelson enjoys taking good care of his health and wellbeing when he’s not on the job. Every day, he makes time for himself by going for walks, taking bicycle rides or working on resistance training. If you ever want to thank him for taking care of your IT issues, snag an end-of-the-week lunch date with him and indulge in his favorite, well-deserved wings. 

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