Jairo Avila, Sales & Client Management/Partner

Meet Jairo

One of the foundational practices in yoga is called pranayama — the exercise of controlling your breath. It connects the mind and the body, calms the nerves, and makes you feel a little better about life. When it comes to IT, we can’t imagine a more essential practice. Calming your nerves? Focusing your mind? Pranayama might just be the secret ingredient to a smooth and seamless IT experience, which is why we’re so lucky to have Jairo Avila, an avid yoga practitioner, on our team. 

As senior client manager, Jairo connects our clients’ needs to our IT services so that it all flows together. He plays an essential role in helping our clients develop a technology strategy and working with the Internos team to make sure everyone can breathe a little easier. His path to Internos has been just as smooth and seamless: He graduated from Barry University, entered the IT field in 1998, and spent 11 years as co-founder of ReadyIT — one of the two organizations that merged to form Internos. He’s been bringing us calm vibes and IT expertise for eight years. 

Outside of work, Jairo enjoys spending time on the golf course. He loves the challenge it poses every time he steps onto the green. Like yoga, golf pushes him past his comfort zone and into a new level of mindfulness and movement. The sport demands a calm and quiet focus, as well as constant improvement of technique, which is what makes it so appealing to him. He tries to play as often as he can, relying on his Garmin Golf watch to track his practice, keep his score and deliver insights to his movement and skills.

Jairo was born in Bogota, Colombia, and moved to the U.S. when he was 2. He spent much of his childhood in New York and New Jersey, but moved to Miami when he was 8 years old. After graduating from Barry University, Jairo and his wife settled here in Miami.

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