Russian Cyber Attack Warning Issued by the FBI: Is Your Business Safe?

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Need a plan to prevent cyber attacks on your Miami area business and keep company data safe? Internos Group offers custom tailored IT services to help you succeed.

In recent news, Europe and the U.S. announced tough new sanctions meant to isolate Russia from the Western banking systems, cut off some of its natural gas market and punish Russian Oligarchs who could have any influence over Putin. After President Biden announced new sanctions on Russian banks and elites, the FBI issued a warning to U.S. businesses and local governments asking them to be mindful of the potential for Russian cyber attacks through the use of ransomware.

Can Your Business Be a Target of Russian Cyber Attack?

Unfortunately, small to medium businesses are often the target of ransomware and a Russian cyber attack is no exception. Ransomware attacks often result in unauthorized access to networks, proprietary data leaks and disruption of business operations. According to a Watchguard report on ransomware, research suggests the average cost of downtime for businesses in the small to medium space in 2019 was $141,000, resulting in a 200 percent increase year over year. Few small businesses could withstand such an attack.

Increase Cyber Security to Protect Your Business

With small to medium businesses being a prime target for malicious cyber attack, you need the cyber security services Internos Group offers businesses in the Miami area. We’re right here in the 305 and ready to build up your defenses against anything that threatens the security of your business, including a potential Russian cyber attack.

Take advantage of our resources in IT support and download our checklists to help prevent your business from being a target of ransomware attacks:

Downtime, costly data breaches, loss of reputation, regulatory penalties and fines — these are just a few ways that cyber crime can implode a business. Don’t let your company be unnecessarily vulnerable to cyber attacks. Book a no-obligation consultation with Internos Group and start making your business safe today.

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