Cyber Security Company vs Miami IT Services Company

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It can be confusing to know which technology provider you need. What exactly is the difference between a cyber security company and a Miami IT services company? In short, cyber security companies use software and tools to identify vulnerabilities within your business’s cyber security. IT services companies, on the other hand, provided complete technology services, which can include cyber security. Which should you hire to stay cyber secure?

Standalone Cyber Security

If you’re looking for cyber security solutions and no other IT support, consider partnering with a cyber security company. If you have an internal IT team, this can be a sensible supplement. The company should run network audits and tell you what your IT team should change to improve security. It’s like bringing in a CPA to go over your financial statements instead of an internal auditor. This arrangement allows you to continue using your in-house resources and save money. 

A drawback to partnering with a cyber security company is that they provide limited security support. The audits and reports they provide are only good at the moment they run them. Your team must provide the proper ongoing support for the business and day-to-day tech solutions. The goal of a cyber security company is to provide you with the information your business needs to make your system less appealing to criminals than the unprotected one at the business next door; It is up to your internal IT team or IT person to improve the security. No IT provider can promise 100 percent guaranteed security.

Complete IT Services

Complete IT Services companies or MSPs (managed service providers), like Internos, include cyber security as part of their comprehensive IT services. Cyber security falls under the umbrella of IT services. An IT Services company provides  you with the audits and reports, as well as, the much needed security support that Cyber Security companies do not. Other services we offer include disaster recovery, cloud computing and hosted phone solutions. An IT services company provides:

  • Assessments: Risk and gap assessments, just like a cyber security company
  • Infrastructure protection: To patch vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to improve security and productivity
  • 24x7x365 monitoring: Vigilant monitoring of your systems and support for your team when tech problems arise
  • Employee training: Education for tech staff, leaders and the rest of your team on how to stay cyber secure and avoid falling victim to hackers

Make the Right Decision

Acknowledging the risk of a cyber breach is a crucial first step for any business, regardless of size and industry. Cyber attacks have been on the rise ever since the start of the pandemic, and recent hits on large corporations like Microsoft, the Colonial Pipeline and Kaseya VSA have made headlines. Even if attacks on small businesses don’t make the national news, they are the most common. Here are a few statistics about the risk of a cyber attack:

  • More than 70 percent of all cyber attacks target small and medium-size businesses.
  • 60 percent of businesses go out of business within six months of a cyber attack.
  • The average cost of a data breach for companies with fewer than 500 employees is $2.35 million.
  • The number of breached records increased by 12 billion from 2019 to 2020. 

Miami IT Services Company or Cyber Security Company?

It’s great that cyber security companies exist, but the majority of businesses are better served by IT services companies (also known as MSPs). Taking a holistic approach to technology provides greater protection and prevention for your business. 

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Our Miami IT services company provides managed IT services to give you peace of mind and lift a burden off your shoulders. Let us show you the intuitive technology that Internos has to take your cyber security to the next level.

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Jairo Avila

Jairo is the CSO of Internos Group and a partner. As senior client manager, Jairo connects our clients’ needs to our IT services so that it all flows together. With more than 23 years of experience in the IT industry, Jairo plays an essential role helping our clients develop a technology strategy and working with the Internos team to make sure everyone can breathe a little easier.

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