Essential Business Holiday Cyber Security Tips

Business Holiday Cyber Security Tips

The holiday season is a busy time for all businesses, big or small. Between all of the holidays that occur in the last few months of the year, and all of the year-end tasks to complete, many people are working overtime in December. But what about their business cyber security measures? 

Hackers may take this hectic season to try and slip through the cracks, so here are some ways you can up your business cyber security during the upcoming business holidays.

Secure Your Networks

Making your Wi-Fi private and updating your Wi-Fi password will help to prevent outside access. Regularly changing your WiFi password will especially keep hackers at bay, and a secure network that also provides an internet option for guests will dissuade potential hacking. 

Another way to protect your network is through a VPN, so consider if that works for your needs.

Back-Up Important Data

Whether it’s through an external hard drive or the cloud, backing up pertinent data is crucial in case of hacking. Having these data somewhere safe and inaccessible by hackers will protect you and allow you to move forward, should anything unexpected happen—schedule regular backups of your files, spreadsheets and other useful data.

Install Security Software

Installing antivirus software helps to boost your protection against ransomware and other threats. These work to regularly check your system for potential threats and ward them off, while also shielding your sensitive information. Look into which would best serve your organization and budget.

Implement Strong Passwords

Your Wi-Fi isn’t the only area where a strong password is necessary. Any software or system that your employees use should require strong passwords and verification. Two-step verification is commonplace these days, allowing for stricter security when logging in.

Educate Employees

With any new cyber policies or procedures, it’s essential to keep your employees up to date on this information. Keep them informed about possible phishing scams through email and avoid opening unknown links. 

Set aside time for your staff to learn security measures so they know what to keep an eye out for during this season, especially when so many retailers and delivery companies are sending out emails.  

Report Unusual Activity

If your company accepts credit card payments, keep an eye on unusual activity and report it. Unusual activity can come in the form of email scams and other fraudulence, so being aware of any suspicious activity is key to preventing hacking.

Prepare for Worst-Case Scenarios

As with any industry, you should plan for all possible scenarios. By being prepared with solid backup practices and disaster recovery plans, your business could withstand  unexpected occurrences. With cybercrime becoming more pervasive, it’s vital to have an actionable plan.

Bolster Your Business Cyber Security Strategy

For businesses both small and large, having the right support during the busy holiday season will help to keep your operations flowing seamlessly. And with the right security measures, it can be a little less stressful as well.

Book an appointment with Internos Group now to explore cybersecurity solutions that will protect your business during the holidays (and all year long).

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