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Having  problems with your IT? Need help from someone or maybe from a  managed IT company that knows how to unravel your problems and protect you from future ones? Don’t know how to do that? What to ask them? What to tell them about your business? Breathe…We know it’s a lot to think about, so we’ve made it easy for you with our one-page checklist to help you choose it support for business. 

Once you download this checklist, you’ll be able to give potential IT providers the info they need before they can assess your IT needs (and provide you a quote),

You’ll want to pull together information like:

  • How many computers or other devices does your company have on site and remote? 
  • What are the goals for growth in the next year or two or more?
  • How about IT compliance?
  • Do you back up your data? Where?
  • What is your disaster recovery plan? Have one? If not, you definitely need one.
  • Is your staff trained and retrained to know what to look for to protect the company from cyber attacks?
  • What about downtime? How much is too much and how can you prevent it?

The checklist will help you answer those questions and more. Once you have gathered this information you will be able to:

  • Provide those answers to any potential IT support provider.
  • Compare what each of them tell you and decide between the different services in order to get the best fit for your company. Comparisons will be easier because you will be providing all of them with the same information.
  • Check the check list against what you’ve told them you need. Ensure that your expectations and requirements are being met. 

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Would You Know What To Do in a

We’ve compiled an easy checklist to help you and your team know what to do if you get a ransomware attack. It’s a simple checklist with the essentials you need to minimize damage and prevent future issues. Here are some of the essentials it will include:

  • Immediate measures to take when attacked.
  • Ways to isolate the threat and eliminate it.
  • Ways to quickly run your backup and begin normal business again.
  • Prevention procedure so you don’t get hacked or don’t get hacked again.